About Leader Of House

Leader of the House

The effective management of the Proceedings of the House can be ensured by active participation of the Leader of House, throughout the proceedings. The Leader of the House, who may be the Chief Minister of the State, is a man of influence with great following both in the House and outside. He is the leader of the majority party. His presence in the House is an added strength that ensures smooth functioning of the House.

The Leader of the House frequently conducts meetings with leaders of various political parties in the House, to discuss with them the proposals and measures that the government is planning. During these meetings, he may request the members to offer suggestions so that he can give a final shape to the proposals of planned initiatives, before they are introduced in the House. Such a step on the part of the Leader of the House generates a good will among political parties and their leaders.

The Leader of the House exercises direct influence on the course of the business of the House. His role in arranging government business is vital. It is the Leader of the House who outlines the official programme that has to be transacted during the meetings of the House. The Leader of the House, who is also a Member of the Business Advisory Committee, places its report on the Table of the House and shapes the course and content of legislation. He maintains liaison with other political parties in the House, particularly in case of urgency and intervenes in discussion, responds to the demands of the members of opposition parties and groups, and also controls unusual behavior of members and extends help to the Chair in taking decisions.


Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy - Leader of the House