Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) is an association to serve the Parliamentarians of the Commonwealth Countries by providing machinery for regular consultation and exchange of ideas and information among members of Commonwealth Parliaments. The aims of the Association are to promote closer understanding and co-operation for common purposes between those engaged in the Parliamentary form of  Countries of the Commonwealth.

The CPA was founded in 1911 as the Empire Parliamentary Association (EPA) and the United Kingdom Branch administered its affairs. Evolving with the Commonwealth the CPA in 1948 adopted its present name and changed its rules to enable all member Branches to participate in the Association's management and established a separate Secretariat, known as, Commonwealth Secretariat to manage and perform its affairs. Its headquarter is located in London.

The Association is composed of Branches formed in Parliaments and Legislatures in Commonwealth Countries. The members of the Parliaments and Legislatures in which a Branch is formed are entitled to become members of that Branch. The Presiding Officers (Speakers) of Legislative Bodies are normally become the Branch Presidents, while the leaders of the Houses (Prime Minister and Chief Ministers) are Vice-Presidents. At present there are fifty four countries in the Commonwealth Association, in which one sixty four CPA Branches are Parliaments and Legislatures, with a total membership of eighteen thousand Parliamentarians and Legislators, were established.

The Association pursues the aforesaid objects by holding Commonwealth Parliamentary Conferences, Seminars annually, Regional Conferences, Periodical Seminars in different regions of Common Wealth Parliamentary Association and the inter-change of delegations by means of which Presiding Officers, Parliamentarians of such countries and other Persons in position spread information, exchange points of view and generally inform themselves with regard to problems which affect the Commonwealth Countries. Commonwealth Parliamentary Conferences are held in the Member Countries by rotation and are attended by the delegates from all branches of the Association.

Besides Conferences and Seminars, Commonwealth Parliamentary Association brings out publications, notably ‘The Parliamentarian' (Quarterly Journal) and two ‘News letters' one on CPA activities and other one on parliamentary and political events throughout the Commonwealth region.

CPA Branch of Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly is a Member of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The Andhra Pradesh Branch of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association was formed in the year 1968.

At present Sri Koyye Moshenu Raju, Chairman, Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council, Sri Thammineni Seetharam,Speaker, Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly are the Joint Presidents and Mr. Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is the Vice - President and Dr. P.P.K. Ramacharyulu is the Secretary General of Andhra Pradesh Branch of CPA.

The Andhra Pradesh Branch of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association has organized the 8th Asia Pacific Parliamentarians' Conference from 14th to 16th November, 2000. In the Conference, the Plenary Session discussed the general theme, "Environmental Ethics and Public Education, and Sub Themes : Environmental Ethics and Sustainable Development; Creation of Public Awareness; and Role of Parliaments in the Asia Region.

The Andhra Pradesh Branch of the CPA also conducted the 14th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Seminar from 20th to 27th October 2002 at Hyderabad and discussed the general theme, "The evolution and growth of Parliamentary Democracy in India", and sub Themes: The role of Presiding Officers in maintaining the Discipline and Decorum in Parliament and management of time of the House, Ensuring Executive accountability to Parliament – Role of Parliamentary Committees, Parliamentary control over the Budget - How to make it more effective, Growing Terrorism – How secure are our Legislator, Parliament, the Member and the Media, The impact of Information Technology on functioning Parliament, Relations between the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary, Role of CPA in strengthening Parliamentary Democracy, Ethical standards for Legislators inside and outside the House.

The Andhra Pradesh Branch of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association in coordination with the Asia Region has also organized the First India Region Conference at Hyderabad form 17 November to 22 November 2004. In the Conference, the Plenary Session discussed the general theme, "Strengthening Democracy and Securing Development: Role of Parliamentarians of Asia Region".

The Conference also discussed four sub-themes in separate Panel Sessions. The first Panel Session was on "Eradication Hunger and Poverty: Role of Parliamentarians'. The second Panel Session was on "Corruption – A threat to Democracy". The third Panel Session has discussed the "Role of Parliaments and Parliamentarians in Enhancing Good Governance". The fourth Panel Session was conducted the theme "Towards Sustainable Development in Asia Region".

All these sub themes discussed in the conference are named as "Hyderabad Agenda" and it was agreed upon by the Member countries to review the progress in the areas discussed under Hyderabad Agenda from time to time in future conferences.

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