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This module gives an easy and quick interface to citizens for sending their petitions directly to the AP Legislature.   Submit ePetition

Rules & Procedures of Legislative Assembly

Article 208 (I) of the Indian Constitution empowers each House of Legislature of a State to make Rules. More


Chief Whip

The Chief whip is responsible for administering the whipping system that ensures the members to attend the meetings of the House of Legislature for their support on any important matter during division on the Floor of the House, as the party leadership desires.. More


A whip's role is also to ensure that the elected representatives of their party are in attendance when important votes are taken. Whips of political parties play a very important role..   More


About Assembly

The Andhra Pradesh Legislature has carved for itself a pride of place in the Indian Parliamentary Democratic system by initiating several new peoples friendly legislative practices ....  More

Member's Information

Know about the Hon'ble Members of the Legislative Assembly of Andhra Pradesh ....  More

Legislative Committees

The legislature transacts a great deal of its business through committees. They deal with specific items of business requiring expert or detailed consideration.    More