A whip's role is also to ensure that the elected representatives of their party are in attendance when important votes are taken. Whips of political parties play a very important role. The efficient and smooth functioning of the legislative system depends to a considerable extent upon the office of the ‘Whips' who can be rightly said to be the managers of the parties within the legislatures.

Every political party that has its party members in the House of Legislature, appoints one or more of its members as Whip or Whips. The Whips supply their members with all important information and ensure the presence and participation of Members of their respective parties in the House, especially during important discussions and voting. They also interact with the Presiding Officers and the secretariat of the concerned House on behalf of their parties and Members to ensure efficient coordination vis-a-vis the complex requirements of Legislative procedures, practices and conventions.
The role of whips of various political parties and the Government Chief Whip is vital in the management of the Assembly Proceedings. The term Whip was defined by Shri Shivraj V. Patil former Speaker, Lok Sabha, as "the authority in the House who was expected to know the bend of minds of Members".

Sl. No. Assembly Whips

7th Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly

1. Mr. M. Kishan Rao

8th Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly

1. Mr. T. Seetha Ram     
2. Mr. K. Jayaram

9th Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly

1. Mr. K. Veera Reddy
2. Mr. A. Jagadeesh
3. Mr. C. Venkata Sesha Reddy

10th Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly

1. Mr. R. Chandrasekhar Reddy
2. Mr. G. Krishna Yadav
3. Mr. P. Subbaiah
4. Mr. S.V. China Appala Naidu

11th Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly

1. Mr. E. Dayakar Rao   
2. Mr. G. Babu Rao        
3. Mr. Syed Yousuf Ali  
4. Mr. P. Raghunatha Reddy     

12th Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly

1. Mr. Udaya Bhanu
2. Mr. D. Sridhar Babu   

13th Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly

1. Mr. Sake Sailajanath
    (upto 25.11.2010)      

2. Mr. Kondru Murali Mohan
    (upto 5-2-2012 )

3. Mr. Dronamraju Srinivasa Rao
    (from 9-2-2012 )

4. Mr.Arepally Mohan
    (from 9-2-2012 )

5. Mr.E. Anil Kumar
    (from 9-2-2012 )

6. Mr.Perni Venkata Ramaiah
    (from 9-2-2012 to 31-01-2013)

7. Mr.Turupu Jaya Prakash Reddy
    (from 9-2-2012 )

8. 14th Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly

1. Sri. Chintamaneni Prabhakar
   ( 21-06-2014 to 25.05.2019)

2. Sri. Kuna Ravikumar
   ( 21-06-2014 to 25.05.2019)

3. Sri. Meda Mallikarjuna Reddy
   ( 21-06-2014 to 26-11-2018)

4. Dr. B. Yamini Bala
   ( 21-06-2014 to 25.05.2019)

5. Sri K.Sarveshwara Rao 
23.11.2017 to 23.09.2018)

6.  Sri P.G.V.R. Naidu 
 23.11.2017 to 25.05.2019)
7. Sri Attar Chand Basha
    (From 27.11.2018 to 25.05.2019)
9. 15th Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly

1. Sri Budi Mutyala Naidu 
    (12.06.2019 to 10.04.2022)

2. Sri Dadisetti Ramalingeswara Rao
    (12.06.2019 to 10.04.2022)

3.Sri Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy 
   (12.06.2019 to Till date)

4.Sri Samineni Udayabhanu 
   (12.06.2019 to Till date)

5.Sri Kapu Ramachandra Reddy 
   (12.06.2019 to Till date)

6. Sri koramutla Srinivasulu 
    (12.06.2019 to Till date)

7. Sri Pinneli Ramakrishna Reddy 
    (12.06.2019 to Till date)

8. Sri Chirla Jaggi Reddy 
    (18.08.2021 to Till date)

9. Sri Karanam Dharmasri 
    (19.07.2022 to Till date)

10. Sri. G. Srikanth Reddy  
    (04.10.2022 to Till Date)

11. Sri Grandi Srinivas  
    (05.10.2023 to Till Date)